Sex is the healthiest exercise!


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OnYourKneeSLUT – the fetish camgirl


I like to be dominated – we have lived in matriarchate societies for ages and I believe that now is the moment to return to this kind of social system. It is the one that works – women have always been the center of the universe (and I believe that all men could approve that) and I believe that it is again the time that we recognized this.
That’s why I like to be dominated by a beautiful, muscular and yet feminine woman – and every time I get the chance, I spend some credits on ImLive with OnYourKneeSLUT. She deserves every single penny she is asking for, since she is the epitome of everything a woman should ever be.
She knows that she is the best and her confidence brings me even more pleasure every time we enter a private chat. She certainly knows what she wants and each time she asks something from me I obey – it couldn’t be any other way, as far as I am concerned. Whether it is teasing and denial, whether it is face sitting until I remain out of breath, whether she wants to kick my balls until I start weeping, all the pain she might bring me results in immeasurable amounts of satisfaction.
This kind of pleasure is one of a kind and only OnYourKneeSLUT can bring it. It isn’t the ephemeral sexual pleasure one might have when watching some other woman (whether she is in BDSM or not), but of a different kind. As said, I feel only satisfaction – I belong to her body and soul and this makes me feel fulfilled.
You may not understand what I am saying, but every once in a while a man needs to be punished – for me at least, this is like a return to primordial times, when I was free to do anything I wanted. Although she punishes me, I know that she does it for my own good. I cannot express the satisfaction I feel when she is wearing nothing than black latex and a big black strapon.
As she is pounding and pounding and pounding, I know that I deserve everything that she might inflict on me – as I am jerking off and as I reach the highest peaks of pleasure, I can see that these all the beauty I feel is translated on her beautiful face too.
OnYourKneeSLUT is the embodiment of matriarchate, to me at least. She has the face of an angel, with lips that form a perfect suction cup – and how I love it when she teases me and never lets me spoil her beautiful face. Her breasts might seem too little for some, but they are so perky and so perfect that I believe that they are watching me, piercing me and seeing all the beauty inside of me. Her longer than life legs look as if they were chiseled in marble by an ancient sculptor and every time she sits on my face I get to touch them.
And her beautiful, moist flower, her fertile and yet firm abdomen, her muscular arms, her everything makes me wonder – whey aren’t all women just like OnYourKneeSLUT? I would gladly endure all the punishment and all the shame a woman such as her might bring me, because I know that these are the perfect goddesses – and I know that the satisfaction they would bring me would exceed anything I have ever experienced.

The hidden normality of dating a webcam girl


The reason men enter adult webcams is that they don’t enjoy their real life to the fullest. A girl they don’t know, they most likely don’t care about too much, a girl they pay will make them forget for a while about some of their problems. But how many of these men would want to have a regular relationship with one of those sexy webcam girls? I am tempted to say many…
When dating a webcam girl, it is expected to run into some serious couple problems, not only because of her job.
In a so-called “normal couple”, arguments are a healthy way of relieving the inherent stress a relationship brings. If in this couple the girl is a webcam worker, then most of the arguments will have another reason, turning slowly into real fights, if they aren’t attended carefully.
First off all, it must be added that sincere communication is a fundamental part of a relationship. Most arguments are won, or are diminished, through conversation – when talking to somebody, that person opens up to you, sometimes not in a obvious way, opens up and reveals the most hidden motives of his/her actions.
It doesn’t matter how a man meets his webcam working girlfriend. It may be in a bar or in a coffee shop, or it may be at her workstation. If the relationship is to endure, they must communicate their inner fears concerning the relation.
Most obviously, the man will feel jealous, or better yet confused about the thing she does for a living. He will be confused because he would probably be oblivious about her reasons. Does she do it for the money? Does she do it for fun? From here on, the next question will certainly be: what am I to her?
There aren’t any normal relationships, the same way there aren’t any abnormal ones. Two strangers meet, they like each other, and they later become a couple. That is all there is to it. If they are both sincere, and if they can accept the other one the way she/he is, than they might as well consider themselves a happy couple.
If however they cannot deal with the other’s personality, they must as well break up and spare themselves of sure trouble.
The bottom line is that dating a webcam girl is just as normal as dating a nurse, or a waitress. The real and hidden problem lies within the man and his acceptance of her personality. If he cannot cope with her job, then he shouldn’t bother her anymore. If he, however, truly likes her, this normal job will not be an impediment. If you agree and you feel like start looking for your future girlfriend, then you can start here. You will have plenty of options!

Where can one find the cheapest cam shows?

Webcam and panties

If you find yourself on a random Friday night asking yourself “Where can one find the cheapest cam shows?”, then you are in luck as this is the blog you want to read. There are a number of sites that are on the internet that all promise you grand hopes and dreams, the question is how many of these actually are able to back up their claims of being the cheapest on the web? is one of the top sites that can be listed as being cheap in terms of what a member will pay per minute. Most private shows range around… .88 coins a minute. When you do the math, this is practically a steal. is looked at as being another in the list of cheap web cam sites that allow users to view models from all over the world. The rates for private shows are comparable to those of other sites that offer the same type of services to those that seek out a way to view hot naked women on the internet and get them to perform a number of acts in their private shows. These two are the top ones for getting the best deal for your money. There are others that are able to be used in helping a person to get the best deal for their money. Perfectcam is another one of these sites that a person can go to and find whatever it is that they are looking for. One advantage of these sites is that many of them feature porn stars that you can go and see the cam of before you decide to purchase a private show. This is a great way for you to feel like you are getting a little something for free. The thing that you should keep in mind is that the free chats are nothing compared to the actual private shows as there are restrictions about what can be shown during free chat.

These are a few of the sites that you can use in finding the answers to “Where can one find the cheapest cam shows?”. Once you have checked one of these websites out, you will generally not be willing or eager to head to any other site as the models will keep your attention on them the whole time. Now that you know, there is no reason why you should ever be at home on a Friday all alone.

Better sex than dating


Men love webcam models. It’s an undeniable fact. A simple web search with only the terms “webcam” and “sex” as keywords will return a whopping 32 million hits or more! What’s the draw? Why are so many men turning to cyberspace for their sexual fantasies and avoiding the search for “Ms. Right”?
1. Live Interaction.
Most men like porn, and there’s a nearly inexhaustible supply of pictures and videos available on the internet to suit any man’s desires. So what would inspire a guy to ditch the downloadable smut in favor of a girl on a webcam? Because when a man watches a video that’s all he can do, watch. But when viewing a live show he can talk to the performer, ask her to fulfill his fantasies, get exactly what turns him on. If you’re a guy who loves boobs, ask your online lady to show you those lovely D cups. If you’re an ass man then she’ll be more than happy to turn around and give you a better view of her sexy cheeks. Do you have a shoe fetish? Not a problem. There are hundreds of beautiful webcam girls who’d love to show off everything from their sexy stilettos to their perfectly painted toenails. And just as good – the women can talk back to you. You get to have a real conversation with a sensual woman who is specifically interested in what makes you hot. Try to get that from a video!
2. Safe, Anonymous Sex Anytime.
When you enter a chat room a sexy model is waiting to show you every one of your sexual fantasies live, without ever needing to know your identity. You can choose a nickname and no one will ever need to know you visited if you don’t want them to. Sex on demand is available 24 hours a day so there’s no need to wait until you find a woman who is “in the mood.” Camgirls are always online and in the mood to give you an amazing show. These women don’t require that you dress up, buy them dinner and drinks, or even get off your couch!
3. Avoid the Perils of the Dating Game.
Dates can be complex and difficult, especially if you and your date don’t have the same end goal in mind. How many guys have spent the evening charming a date, only to have her slam the door in his face before a good night can turn into a great one? Or worse, how many men have been rejected before they even get a date? Webcam models want you to come see them. That’s why they’re online – they want to show you how naughty they can be. If you want a sexy woman to show you how dirty they can be for you, skip the bar and go find a webcam hottie.